31 January 2006

Drowning Nebraska

Inspired by the plight of Ashland, Neb.

Netherlands Salamander Invasion

Inspired by Astrid's recent dinner conversation.

28 January 2006

Funk Audit

Suggested by Goo.

23 January 2006

20 January 2006

Sex Pest

19 January 2006

The Slut Horses

Inspired by this news story.

17 January 2006

Welsh Heat

Suggested by jay are and inspired by my nickname for Huw.

Butt-Bandit Cowboys

Inspired by my co-worker's politically incorrect description of "Brokeback Mountain."

16 January 2006

The Quartormemes

Inspired by the French habit of quickly bringing in a 14th guest if a dinner party has 13 guests.

Rage Hangover

13 January 2006

Refractory Nozzlemen

Suggested by Jege.

Threaded Brass Nipples

Suggested by Jege.

12 January 2006

Hajj Stampede

10 January 2006

09 January 2006

The Best Melissa

The Death Magnets

05 January 2006

Perforated Colon

Suggested by Afe.

04 January 2006

Feral Puppies

Suggested by Heather.

Shit Nog

Inspired by this recipe.

03 January 2006

Imaginary Belgium

Inspired by the question of whether Belgium exists.

I Believe In Belgium